Jun 3, 2012

A Tree Rescued from Fire by Urination

It’s not vulgar, this is how I saved a tree.

It’s 2nd June of 2012  and summer is on its high. All the jungles around Solan were burning. I am a nature loving person and burning trees were calling me for help. I decided to contribute to extinguish the fire but I didn’t know how.

After my office I took my bike and with my friend I went to forest. When we reached there we saw that fire was on its extreme. It was not possible for two of us to put off that huge fire. We were just walking through the burned part of jungle. There were ash of small trees and bushes and half burned trees all around. We were feeling helpless that we were unable to stop that fire. We suddenly saw a young pine tree was smoldering at its trunk near roots. We hadn’t water with us and as the fire was very deep inside the root through a wound it could not be extinguished with earth. It seemed that the fire will slowly kill that tree and we were feeling helpless but I really want to save that tree at any cost. Then I had an idea which is very odd to share but believe me it is not vulgar rather my love and compassion for nature. ‘I urinated on that fire and extinguished it thus I saved a very-very precious tree. I may live 40 to 50 years more but that tree will give oxygen for the hundreds of years coming. I could not stop that whole fire but nobody can imagine how happy I was to save that precious tree.

It was not that how big things you do but even a small step taken for a noble cause can make a difference. So go ahead and save trees in whatever way you can, and motivate others to do so.

Have compassion for Mother Nature and she will take care of us.


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