May 22, 2010

Osho Meditation Camp at Centa Rosa, Solan

A 'Osho Dhyan Sadhna Shivir' is being organized by Osho Friends, Solan at Hotel Centa Rosa, Solan w.e.f. 21-5-10 to 23-5-10. Though I was reading Osho Literature for past 11 years it is for the first time I attended Osho Dhyan Shivir. The Meditation techiques developed by Osho are as deep, vast and practical as his writings. On Day first I practiced ' Sakriya Dhyan or Dynamic Meditation, Vipassana, Braham Nad & Kundilini Jagran. One thing I learnt today is that Dhyan is not a subject matter of discussion and one can not learn Dhyan by reading. The only way to learn Dhyan is to do it. Osho said about Dhyan that Dhyan is not a very serious thing and if you take it seriously you cant' do it. Just be playful with it. He quoted Guru Gorakh Nath "Hasiba, Kheliba, Dhariba Dhyanam". Doing Meditation, listening to Osho after meditation on tape and talking to the Osho friends , together, it was really a great experience for me.It is around 10.30 PM and I am preparing a draft of this post. The whole day meditation made my body little bit tired but my mind is completely relaxed. I have to getup early iin the morning at 4 AM to reach the meditation hall which is around 10 KM from my home. Now i am going to sleep.

May 16, 2010

A beautiful photo of Solan town taken from near General Post office just after the rain showers on 7th May 2010. See, how the clear and pollution free atmosphere.
Check out following photographs taken from Tank Road, Solan.

May 15, 2010

A song beautifully performed by two street artists at Solan.

This is a video of two little brothers, Banti and Sandeep, who lived in a slum at Khundidhar, Solan place in Himachal. Both these children have to earn their livelyhood by wandering house to house play their homemade musical instruments. This video is captured at Rabon, Solan.

May 8, 2010

Fire in a wooden Store near DC Office, Solan, Himachal

A massive fire broke out in Solan near DC Office Chowk. Around 1.30 PM on 1-5-10 suddenly fire caught a wooden store and spread very fast. The Firefighting Team, Homegaurds, Local Volunteers and the administration reached the place well in time otherwise it could be a big accident. With seven hours struggle they were able to extinguish the fire.

Local Volunteers removing the half burned wooden sticks.

A JCB is also used for removing the wooden waste from the spot.