Feb 26, 2010

Natural Beauty of Solan

I use to go for a morning walk daily toward the beautiful and world famous Barog Railway station. There are some beautiful landscapes created by nature on the way and I have captured some of them through my camera phone.

This place is situated near Barog Railway Station.

Feb 18, 2010

Movie In Town

The Movie with a controversial background is being running at 'Anand Cinema', the only theater in the city. I watched the movie with my friend. The film is starring Shahrukh Khan and Kajol in main lead and as usual Kajol is looking stunning. She made the movie more interesting with her charming smile. SRK done a different roll but he overacted in a few scenes and storyline also seems weak sometime in the movie. But movie overall is good, as it gives a positive message to the society

I agree with the message of the film that the whole community should not be held responsible for the fault of others, belonging to that particular community. Love leads to peace and peace leads to happiness in the world. So let’s spread love around the world.

So Watch the movie and spread love, peace and happiness in the world.

Comment to cast your opinion.

Feb 16, 2010

Protest All Around

Monday, 15th Feb, 2010.

Fine Sunny Day.

Life in Solan city came to an halt for early two hours in the morning today. A ‘Bandh’ was organized by ‘Vishwa Hindu Parishad’ in protest of killing of cow in ‘Nerwa’, a village in Shimla Distt. of Himachal Pradesh. This incident sent a strong wave of resentment among people of Himachal.

In my opinion too, killing of cow is a shameful act and the accused must be punished. In fact, killing of all innocent and helpless animal should be stopped as it is resulting in environmental imbalance. There should be provision of strict punishment in law for killing of innocent animals.

Great concern for innocent animals.

Rest whole day was peacful.

Please comment and give your opinion on this incident...

Feb 14, 2010


Solan, the city beautifull, is named after the Goddess 'Shoolini Devi'. Earlier it was the Baghat Riyasat. This small hill station is situated in the lap of nature. 
I am dedicating my blog to Maa Shoolini.

Beautiful Temple of Maa Shoolini