Sep 12, 2011

Tourist Places of Solan-2 (Chail- Kaali Tibba and Khatan Linga Bodh Monastery)

Don’t Forgot to carry your sunglasses if you are planning to visit the famous temple of Maa Kali at Chail. Chail is a beautiful place located at  ft. above sea level in the Solan district of Himachal, India. It has a highest cricket ground, hotel palace, stunning Landscapes and the most beautiful, a temple of Maa Kali situated on the top of a hill situated on the top of a hill called Kali Tibba.
I started my journey from Solan on my bike. My eyes suddenly struck on a board of a Buddhist temple on the way at a place named Dochi. I turned the bike towards the temple and there was an beautiful temple of Buddha about half a KM from the main road. It is an peaceful place and ideal for meditation. The Buddhist monk welcomed me joyfully. He told me that the temple was build in 2009 and there are statues of Gautam Buddha and Padamasambhav. The architecture of the temple is awesome. I spent half an hour in this temple and took some photos fo the beautiful temple, which I am sharing with you:

Entrance of  Khatan Linga Monastery  

Prayer Wheels

Main Temple of Gautam Budha and Padamasambhava


Statue of Buddha
It is around 25 ft high statue.
 Then I proceed to my dreamed destination. About half an hour I was amidst the thick forest of Chail. Finally I reached my final destination-Kali Tibba. It feels entering into a fort when we enter in the huge premises of the temple. The whole premises and the temple are made of white marble. There was fog all around and the sun is shining through the thin layer of the fog. The white marble and the fog, both are reflecting the sunlight so sharply that I could not even open my eyes. Then only, I missed a lot my sunglasses which I forgot at home. After some time fog reduced and I felt some relief. The temple is very – very beautiful, neat and clean. Temple was build with proper planning, there are separate entry and exit gates  and good parking space. It gives immense pleasure when u are in the temple. The view from the temple is awesome.
Beautiful Temple of Maa Kali

Tree of Baan in the temple premises 

Local Musical Instrument called Nangara

the Beautiful view of Shimla

See the symmetry of trees 

You must visit this place. 

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