Sep 25, 2011

The Ancient Temple of Lord Shiva- Mangarh, Himachal, India

 Mangarh is a beautiful village in Sirmour district in the state of Himachal, India where there is a historic Shiva Temple and a Ganesha Temple was unearthed recently.  The Archaeological Survey of India had taken this place into the possession in 1995-96 .  The area has been declared as a national monument.  The exact period of Shiva temple and the Ganesha temple have not been ascertained,  but according to the villagers the structures were built by the Pandavas during their exile and some others says that the temple seemed to have been built during the Gupta period. The ASI team visited this place and according to them the temple was built in 5th century.  This is a historic temple and it is a 'must go’ place. One must visit this place during one's lifetime.  Route for this temple is Chandigarh-> Solan->Oachghat->Narag->Wasni ->Mangarh.  It is merely 45 KM from Solan. 

The main temple of Shiva build in 5th Century

Govt. has ordered to remove the paint form the temple as it was painted by the villagers with lime powder.


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  2. nice work dilip and beautiful pictures. You capture them very nicely. The thing i like is you have shared info which is not available easily. Good work. And the way to mangarh is between naina tikar/sarahan. These two places are more familiar than narag and wasni. Keep it up with your good work. :)

  3. Great finding. ASI must keep up the good work. Can you update us about the exact period of these temples and were they by Guptas or by Locals??

  4. wonderful collection,a very well balanced care must be taken while renovation of the site

  5. well done Mr Dilip...local people must manage this site with the ASI as a well maintained monument in the Sirmour as at Baijnath in Kangra .Renovation must be taken in a scintific manner by not disturbing its originality..Less or no use of modern cement in renovation & no local mistri bkas this type of Gupt -kalin or other stone temples need some different type of specialist measurements..Publicity of the site And lawn grass and a park with neon lights & fountains are must as done at Baijnath temple of Kangra..Also tell people about the approches by road from Nahan-Sarahan & Bagthan side for people coming from Nahan & Dehradun & Badu -Sahib.Thanx... Again for your work...I am Dr.Rajan Singh from Nahan...on facebook....


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