Aug 22, 2011

Tourist Places in Solan - 1 (Fort at Dharon Ki Dhaar)

Solan is a beautiful place but most of its places are undiscovered.  Last Sunday I and one of my friend got a chance to visit an ancient fort at Dharon Ki Dhar in Solan District of State of Himachal, India.  It is more than 200 years old fort and is 20 KM far from Solan. We took a bike to reach there. We started our journey from Solan at 11 AM and reached the village Dharon Ki Dhar at 11.45 AM. There were many beautiful scenic views on the way.  We asked the villagers way to the fort and they told us that we had to walk about 4 KM on foot to reach the fort. It took hardly 1 hour to reach the fort which is on the top of a hill. We were little disappointed as the weather was not clear. However, we were able to capture a few good pictures of the fort and the view around.  We spent nearly 2 hours there. It started raining on the way back and we lost our way in the fog.  We manage to find our way with great difficulty.  
But it was really a very enjoyable and unforgettable trip and I recommend that all should visit this place. According to me it is one of the best tracking place in Solan. Here are some beautiful picture of the place:

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