Jul 21, 2010

Breaking News: Osama Bin Laden is in Solan !!!!!

Film Review: Tere Bin Laden.  

The story of the film actually not about Osama Bin Laden as much as about the silliness of over-reacting America. The story revolves around a Pakistani journalist Ali (Ali Zafar) who works for “Danka TV” channel of Pakistan. He wants to make it big to get hell out of Karachi and move to US. He encounters with  Noora (Pradhumna Singh) a chicken farmer in rural Pakistan, who lookalike Osama Bin Laden. Ali makes a risky plan to shoot a fake Osama Video which will be his golden ticket to America.
The story takes a turn when the problem of Ali and his associates increases on release
of the Osama video. Rest of the story is about how they manage to solve this problem.

Tere Bin Laden is an earnest and fantastic story. It is an refreshing set of smartly written jokes. Although it is not a continuous laugh buster but these smartly placed jokes make the story quite entertaining.  Despite of a few periods of repetition  and jokelessness the movie is simply good. 

The star of the film is Ali Zafar. His pleasant looks and promising acting skills make the movie alive. The way Pradhumna Singh played his role is ultimate. All other actors did a good job in the movie.

The well known film critic Taran Adarsh summarizes his review by saying, “On the whole, Tere Bin Laden is a fun-ride that makes you smile constantly and even laugh outrageously in those two hours. A thorough entertainer, this film has all it takes to not only make its viewers laugh in the aisles, but also its investors laugh all the way to the bank.”

If you have not yet watched the movie, I recommend you to spent a good, uncomplicated  and relaxing hour and a half watching this movie.

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